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Hi flow headers
Price: $1,341
MB W204 C63
Carbon intake
Price: $1,995 + shipping
C63 AMG v3 CDT
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An industry first, MHP introduces CDT™, Complete Driveline Tuning. Instead of tuning just half the driveline (Engine) like others in the automotive software industry, we tune all of your vehicle's driveline dynamics, including the Transmission when applicable. Allowing both driveline components to work together in harmony not only increases drivetrain longevity, but also equates to significantly improved WOT and part throttle performance as well as INCREASED FUEL ECONOMY.

All our engine (ECU, ECM, PCM) and transmission (TCM, TCU) remapping, including both European and North American applications, and hardware, are race and dyno proven to be the best.
5.6 Bugatti Veyron
5.8 Ford GT - Whipple S/C, 780 rwhp, 1 shift
5.9 GSXR 1000 with bolt - ons
6.1 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
6.59 DadsC63, MHP S3CMR C63 AMG
6.9 Mosler MT900s
7.0 Ferrari Enzo
7.24 Mercedes SLR McLaren
March 25th 2011
On March 25th 2011 at M.I.R. in Mechanicsville, MD, with the help of driver Ben Scott and after running over a dozen 10 second naturally aspirated ¼ mile passes with a N/A best of 10.91@129.5mph, Keith’s MHP Stage 3 C63 once again raised the bar--only this time it was to the highest level the world has ever seen. On a 125HP shot of nitrous the Red Brown Arrow ran an all-time Mercedes Benz best of 10.41@135.27mph in the ¼ mile, with an 1/8th mile split of 6.77@105.56mph. On the same pass 0-60mph was achieved in a mere 3.04 seconds, 0-100mph was dispatched in 6.19 seconds and was accompanied by a 60-130mph time of 6.59 seconds—by comparison the mega dollar Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 needs a tortoise like 7.8 seconds to accomplish the same 60-130mph blast. Red Brown Arrow indeed. Video of the Overall Mercedes Benz World Record ¼ Mile Pass on 125 shot, 10.41@135.27mph

Check out the video of this event on YouTube! Click here to view.
Time Slip Results. Click here to view.
February 13th 2011
On 2/13/11 Keith Brantley and Ben Scott piloted the Red Brown Arrow, a MHP S3 C63 AMG, to an 11.07@125.41mph 1/4 mile pass with a 7.156@99.75 1/8th mile naturally aspirated at Orlando. CLICK HERE

MHP would like to congratulate racers Mike Conforti, Jim Barnhill, Pat Shupe, and Hagi Djencic for their recent track accomplishments.
January 6th 2011
Modern Horsepower’s automotive aftermarket products and tuning package claims world records at M.I.R. in Budds Creek, MD January 6th 2011. Modern Horsepower racer Mike Conforti runs 10.87@131.48mph in the 1/4 mile, naturally aspirated, at Maryland’s MIR race track in his 2009 C63 AMG. Mike backed that run with 13 other passes over 130mph, 6 of which topped 131mph with a best trap of 131.78mph, and all with 10 second ETs. Modern Horsepower’s complete line of 63 AMG aftermarket tuning and products are backed by extensive research & development, as well as street, race, and VBox testing. The objective results have proven MHP to be one of the most dynamic and significant automotive tuners in the industry.

(New 63 AMG Trap Record) and 11.30@124.45 in his MHP S2 C63 AMG at the same venue.

Mike Conforti (dodger63) MHP S2 C63 AMG 11.23@123.41,
New 63 AMG 1/4 Mile Record: CLICK HERE to view video